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How Does The Comprehensive Package Work?

The Comprehensive package is very robust. It is ideal for students and families that would prefer continuous help during the college planning process. It contains everything the starter package offers and more. It offers unlimited half hour meetings. The first 2 meetings are identical to the starter package. After the first two meetings, your counselor will develop a strategic college planning schedule with embedded milestones. Parent and student will have their own access to Counselmore to access notes and assignments throughout the entire process. This software is used to both track progress and accountability. 

Step 1: Schedule Your First Meeting 

After your initial consultation you will be sent a link to schedule your first official meeting.

Once you've scheduled your first meeting, you'll be all set to meet on Zoom at a time that's perfect for you and your family. 

Step 2: Meet Your Private College Counselor

During your first Zoom meeting, you, your family, and your college counselor will explore your college experience vision and future plans. 

You'll discuss priorities and goals if you have them. Or talk about the options if you don’t.

You can have your burning college admissions questions answered by an expert.

Your counselor will get an idea of what your family has- or, perhaps, hasn't yet- investigated in the college admissions space.

Lastly, you'll chat about the various possibilities for funding your college dreams. 

Step 3: Schedule Your Second Meeting

After your first meeting, your college counselor will get to work putting together a college comparison sheet for you to review together at your second meeting.

Once the document is ready (typically one week after your first meeting), you'll receive a link to schedule your second meeting and be on your way towards even greater clarity and a deeper understanding of the enormous potential your future holds.

Step 4: Complete Your Second Meeting

At your second meeting, you'll have a chance to review your personalized college comparison sheet that your counselor compiled for you. (It's yours to keep!)

In addition to digging into the hard facts (i.e. tuition details, financial aid availability, and scholarship opportunities), you'll also talk through the incredible, hidden gem opportunities available at each institution on your list as well as a few additionally suggested colleges your counselor believes are a great fit for you.

You can ask any questions that came up for you and your family after the first meeting and develop options regarding your next right steps on your college admissions journey.

Step 5: Next Steps

We will develop a calendar within the Counselmore platform with deadline dates and assignments carefully navigating each application for the best fit colleges.

Comprehensive Package Deliverables

After the two one-on-one Zoom meetings led by your dedicated and experienced college counselor,

you will walk away with the following assets:

Meticulously Arranged Comparison sheet

Your college list will be meticulously arranged and packed with valuable insights. By the end of the process, not only will you have a better understanding of the institutions you were originally interested in, but you will also have discovered a trove of hidden gems, including colleges and programs suggested by your personal college counselor.

Guided one on one unlimited college application support

No matter what kind of support you require - be it financial counseling, ACT and SAT tutoring, personal essay feedback, or help with any other daunting tasks that come with college applications - we have got you covered. You will also complete a passion project to impress colleges and universities.

By investing in the NxtGen Boost starter package, you will receive unlimited complimentary access to two remarkable online resources. Counselmore is a college planning software that allows for interactive visibility and tracking of the entire planning process. Quatro Money is a finance planning software to help you figure out which college will be the best financial fit for you.

Access to Counselmore & Quatro Money

Frequently Asked Questions About the Comprehensive Package

Who are the Comprehensive package sessions for - parents, students, or both?

The entire college admissions process is undeniably a family affair, so both parents and students are welcome. Plus, parents and students naturally have different concerns and perspective regarding the process. Therefore, ideally, students and at least one parent or guardian should attend the first two sessions together. After the first two sessions, parents tend to feel their student is in good hands and would refer to the notes in the Counselmore portal to track goals.

How many meetings are included?

Unlimited 3o minute sessions until the end of Senior year.

Isn't it too soon to consider the cost of college? Our family is just now starting to think about college admissions.

We know that some people are nervous to look at the money and the numbers, which is entirely normal. It can feel stressful and scary. It can also feel like it might make sense to focus on paying for college once you've been admitted. But the reality is, college cost comparisons need to be done hand-in-hand with your college search process- so it's never too soon to start looking at the costs. Ignoring the facts of the situation or avoiding candid conversations about the cost of college can lead to tremendous disappointment for students or overwhelming debt for families. The only way to take the sting out of the overwhelming parts of the college admissions process is to shine a light in those dark, detailed places. So don't be afraid of the data. It can only help. And by having us look at it with you, the numbers may even turn out to be a relieving surprise.

We were going to do a college comparison ourselves. What's the advantage to working with you?

The simple answer is that you don't know what you don't know. Meanwhile, we have built our careers out of finding all the best ways to navigate this incredibly complex process. By working with NxtGen Pathways, you can save yourself both time and money. We will handle the intensive research and generate your college comparison sheet, freeing up that time in your already busy schedule. Additionally, it's not only about finding the raw data. It's about being aware of all the academic and scholarship opportunities hiding behind the big numbers and allowing this to be a positive experience rather than a soul-crushing one. Even if your student has access to this (or other) software through their school, the software is still just a tool. And like any tool, it is best wielded with expert hands. Your experienced counselor will help you interpret the data and creatively problem-solve so that you aren't stuck with having debt as your only way forward. Allow our extensive knowledge be your secret weapon.

What's the cost of the Comprehensive Package?

If you decide to continue working with us after the initial consultation, we will deduct that cost from the package price. We are competitively priced at $4500. Installment plan is available in the form of splitting the cost into 2 payments.

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