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College Planning

Well-balanced College list: There are over 2,000 colleges offering Business programs in the U.S. Some universities offer Entrepreneurship as a concentration and others as an entire degree. We can provide a personalized college list of 8-12 schools that fit your criteria for location, size, rank, extra-curriculars, campus culture and other personal preferences. ​College major and program selection assistance: It is no secret choosing what to study in college can be overwhelming especially when your goal is to eventually start your own company. Business is the most popular major students tend to select and study in the United States. However, there are other programs you can choose to study in college that would help prepare for a career in Entrepreneurship. We offer a specific personality and career assessment that helps us guide a student to the correct major. ​​Business college visit: A business college tour is not your average college tour! It is a tailored experience where colleges would showcase their business and entrepreneurship programs and everything it has to offer. The tour may include visits to entrepreneurship centers, and other related facilities on campus. The tour may also provide opportunities to meet with professors, current students, and alumni who are involved in business and entrepreneurship programs. ​Internship and summer program guidance: Many universities, organizations, and businesses offer summer programs that focus on business and entrepreneurship for teenagers. These programs are designed to provide students with practical knowledge and experience in various aspects of business, including marketing, finance, management, and entrepreneurship. We help students find these programs and guide them through the application process, which may involve submitting essays, transcripts, and letters of recommendation. ​​Essay assistance: We help students craft essays that showcase their entrepreneurial mindset, such as ability to identify opportunities, take risks, and persevere through challenges. ​ ​College planning services available for juniors and seniors. Basic and comprehensive package options for every family's budget. Click 'Packages' for more information.

College Friends


College Admissions (General)

Recommended and most popular. 2 hour workshop offered monthly that covers the following topics:​​ Choosing the right college- Socially, Academically and Financially The college search process High school activities- Curriculum, Extracurriculars, Work, Service College Visits Demonstrated Interest- When to visit and what to do when you visit, how to show a college that you are interested. Financial Aid- Types, What to be aware of, scholarships Application Options- The Common App, Rolling, etc This workshop is designed for both students and parents and it is encouraged that both attend. FEE - $99 includes student and parent(s)

Picking a College Major

For students who are unsure of the focus they want to take in their college studies. Includes an overview of possible majors and the careers/self-employment options they can lead to. This workshop also includes a discussion on trades and vocational programs. This workshop is designed for students but parents may accompany their students. FEE $99 includes student and parent(s)

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Passion Project

We provide guidance and support for passion projects to aspiring entrepreneurs. Passion projects are personal projects or side ventures that entrepreneurs undertake to pursue their interests or passions. Here are some things we offer for passion project planning ​ Digital display of your work (website, blog, e-book) Help with research and brainstorming into a specific topic that you find meaningful or informative. Planning and execution: Create a project plan, establish timelines, milestones, and identifying necessary resources and support. Mentorship and coaching: As the passion project progresses, we provide mentorship and coaching to help overcome challenges and stay on track. This would involve providing feedback on project deliverables, offering guidance on business strategy or marketing. Networking and community building: Assistance building a network and community around the passion project. This may involve connecting students with other entrepreneurs or professionals in their field, helping them to market their project, and providing opportunities for collaboration or partnership. Set number of planning sessions to exclusively work on showcasing your work digitally. Passion projects are included in the comprehensive college planning package.

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